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The Salento Area

The Salento Area

Salento has been known by various names such as Terra d’Otranto, Sallentina, Calabria or Messapia. It is the heek of the boot-shaped Italian Peninsula. It is a sub-region located over the Southern part of Puglia, by the Ionian and Adriatric Seas. The Salento has some of the most beautiful cities in Italy. It is full of small sleepy towns. The region has more than 250 kilometres of coast; the east coast is made up of rocks with ancient fortifications, and the west coast has flat terrain with sandy beaches. Messapia, formerly called by the Greeks, has over 100 towns and villages with distinctive dialects, featuring white houses, small and winding roads, vineyards, Tobacco and Olive tree groves. The most popular towns in the Salento region include; Lecce, Brindisi, Taranto, Gallipoli, Otranto, Maglie, Galatina and Nardò.

The Salento region speaks an Italian dialect which is quite different from the rest of Puglia. Aside from the distinct dialect, Salento differs in structure from the rest of the region. The houses are usually whitewashed and have a flat roofs. The city centres are structured in a Baroque style with Salentine detail, unlike the rest of Apulia, whose structure is primarily Romanesque. Most of the buildings are made from Pietra lecese, a reddish-yellow colour.

Salento is also best known for its traditional music, a folk dance known as the pizzica. The folk dance will make your body come alive as moves will refresh your soul and body. The dialects vary from one town to the other. Salento is also known as the 'Griko' language which is still spoken by a few villages in the part of the region called Grecia Salentina in Italy. Make that move today and visit to experience Salento. It is a place to visit all year round as there are summer festivals to the Christmas season.

Salento is known for its narrow streets of Otranto and Specchia. These two listed streets are the most beautiful Italian medieval villages. The fresh smell of tomato sauce simmering early on Sunday mornings would welcome you as you walk through.

Walking through the Salento area of Puglia is also the old town of Lecce, where you would discover workshops of local paper mache artisans. Salento is also known for its local delicacies; homemade pasta prepared by her grandmothers and mothers, the delicious orecchiette and sagne 'ncannulate you would ever want to taste over and over.

Salento also has the Alimini Lakes and nature parks along the coast. An excellent place to visit on your bike, or you might decide to hike down. Salento is a place mixed with different cultures, from the Saracen to the Byzantine. Salento is also represented by beautiful caves which are located on the Adriatic coast. Salento is also known for her local terracotta handicraft made in the hinterland. Salento is joy, hospitality, and laughter.

All this and much more has been referred to as "Salento-therapy" by some scientists. So what are you waiting for? It would be best if you came around to experience this beauty for yourself, and you are sure to have a filled time of fun.