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Be ready to venture out together with your family to Monopoli, a lovely friendly fishing town on the Adriatic. Soak in the joyful atmosphere of this town if only for a stroll around its pier!

Even your kids will enjoy watching fishermen fix their nets at the harbour, seeing the brightly coloured fishing boats, as well as the cannons along the fortified walls of the old castle, playing on the playground and, last but not least, getting to the pristine and sandy beaches within walking distance, just beside the city walls!

Don't miss the opportunity to visit the lovely and picturesque centro storico (old town) where you will find a number of charming churches, crypts and countless cobbled streets! And before leaving Monopoli take a stroll also in the new town: you will be surprised to see a very large, bright central piazza lined with bars, cafés, shops and pretty buildings.

It is the perfect meeting point for people of all ages: families with kids, the elderly, the young, just being there, taking the ritual passeggiata (stroll) and contributing to a happy and cheerful atmosphere.

In Monopoli, do not miss:
  • Madonna della Madia Cathedral, one of the most attractive examples of Baroque in the entire Puglia region;
  • Santa Maria degli Amalfitani near the port of Monopoli, a Romanesque building erected at the beginning of the 12th century on a pre-existing rock settlement;
  • The Abbey of Santo Stefano, few kilometers away from the town in which some remains of a Roman settlement are to be found;
  • Charles V Castle, erected by the Aragonese during the first half of the 15th century, today housing the Municipal Archaeological Museum on its first floor;
  • Purgatorio Church, housing a chapel where you will find mummies of some long dead citizens;
  • Palmieri Palace, a noble dwelling dating back to the 18th century;
  • Madonna del Soccorso, an old grotto with frescoes which was dug out of a natural cavity in the rock.