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Relax Puglia Homes for Holidays Exclusive Guest Services

Why not take a guided tour, whether on foot or by bike? It's up to us, the traveller, to get the most out of our holiday to a new and largely undiscovered holiday destination like Puglia. With a week, maybe two, to cram it all in, a bespoke tour makes sense and will at least ensure that some of the must-see tourism sites, museums and monuments are covered. The tours are not run of the mill, we do not hold flags above our heads and request you to fall in line. We create bespoke tours for small groups of family & friends (of all ages) staying in one of our exclusive holiday rentals.

See, Touch & Taste Tours

Tours are fun and engaging with interesting local facts; culturally enlightening with insights into traditions, offering unique educational value and are invariably combined with the opportunity to not only see but taste, as our tours include visits to the premises of artisans who produce some of the famous local foods and wines.