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Food Delivery

Where is the nearest supermarket? Is there an open air food market nearby? We have the answers for you all in our Property Guide supplied with each of our selected Rental Villas, however stop and think. Do you really want to do your food shopping on the first day of arrival? Can we not get you in some provisions, a small, medium or large hamper?

We have pre-selected items for you to choose from, the basic necessities to get you through to at least lunchtime the day after your arrival. Then in a leisurely and least tired mode, you can browse the counters of the Macelleria for your meats, Panetteria for your bread stuffs, Fruttivendolo for your fruit and vegetables, Pescheria for your fish, Latticini for your dairy products either under one roof at a super market or do mini shops and shop like the locals and have even more choice. Be warned, We have a mild but healthy fixation with food in Puglia!