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Home-cooked food for travelers of the world; what better way to grasp the inner circle of local life than to have a local cook share with you their Puglia cuisine, as cooked in their homes. We are fortunate to have on board Lucrezia, who has been working with Relax Puglia since 2013.

Lucrezia is warm and generous with a passion I can only envy for cooking; but looking after two growing boys has been her real inspiration; working magic with fresh and seasonal local ingredients.

Pugliese people enjoy what is often referred to as “cucina povera” or food for the poor. But it is the prize ingredient of the poor that people from around the world want to try. Seasonal foods are collected and carefully stored to use all year round in numerous ways or they are eaten enthusiastically whilst available. Although “cucina povera” is considered poor, I find it the richest of all.

Every Italian favours their Mother’s cooking above all others and they will often say that the best restaurant is “Mia Madre”, my mother’s. No such thing as cookbooks or the internet to source a recipe, the menu of home, has been tried and tested over many generations and they see no reason why to deviate from what tastes best.

Lucrezia has made up three menus from which you can make your selections, but only if the ingredients are in season! Once you’ve booked your holiday villa, be sure to book an evening meal or lunch with our very special in-house local cook Lucrezia too!

Memories of your holidays are always easier to recall when they involve good food and good company and I can promise you that you will have unimaginable stories to tell when you get back home after your holidays, you may even want to retry some of Lucrezia’s recipes yourselves, should she choose to share her secrets. 😉

Menu Example


Capocollo martinese (a cold cut meat made from dry-cured pork shoulder or neck) with melon

Courgette flowers with mozzarella

Pettole (fried dough balls)

Grilled aubergines

Fried Friggitelli peppers (small sized, slender, mild flavored, South Italian peppers)

First Course

Orecchiette (homemade ear-shaped pasta) with tomato sauce, aubergines and cacio ricotta cheese

Second Course

Bombette (beef rolled stuffed with cheese) and spiedini (meat cooked on a skewer)




Wines can be selected from our Wine Direct or we can ask Lucrezia to bring along a selection she considers a good accompaniment to the meal.