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Martina Franca

Martina Franca - architecture dominated by Baroque & Rococo style

Martina Franca is a charming, cozy town and a baroque gem set on a hillside with panoramic views across the Itria Valley. Its magnificent architecture dominated by Baroque and Rococo style makes it a must-see stop if you are taking a tour of Puglia.

Strolling around the old town, enjoying its magnificent and impressive buildings and Churches, getting lost in the narrow winding alleys lined with houses painted in the classic white colour and discovering the details of a sumptuous door, a window or a balcony, is a great pleasure for each visitor.

Apart from roaming the streets and sightseeing, you will be happy to wander through shops, because Martina Franca is also a commercial centre and the largest town in the Itria Valley area.

And if you are a foodie, don't miss the chance to try a bocconotto in one of the many cafés (a pastry filled with sweetened fresh cream) or the famous capocollo (a cold cut made from dry-cured pork shoulder or neck) which is famous all over Italy!

In Martina Franca, do not miss:
  • S. Martin Basilique, a UNESCO World Heritage site, an example of Baroque and Rococò architecture;
  • Ducal Palace, built above the Castello degli Orsini, now the town hall;
  • Stabile Palace;
  • Piazza XX Settembre that overlooks the town through the Arch of Santo Stefano;
  • The Church of S. Anthony of Padova (XV century);
  • The ancient doors of the old town (Door of Saint Stephan, Door of Saint Mary del Carmine, Door of Saint Peter, better known as Tattered Door);
  • Several noble palaces that fill the old town;
  • The international music festival "Festival della Valle d'Itria" that attracts artists from all over the world and takes place in August.