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Locorotondo - Its name is derived from Latin "locus rotundus"

A hilltop town which takes its name from the round shape of its floor plan. Its name is derived from Latin locus rotundus that just means "round place". With its glistening whitewashed buildings and typical cummerse, narrow rectangular town houses with peaked roofs, are remindful of north European architecture.

Locorotondo immediately captivates your attention and imagination as you approach from the road below. It looks like a natural balcony over the Itria Valley: from its panoramic viewpoint you can enjoy a stunning view over the surrounding landscape speckled with olive groves, vineyards, Trulli and masserie (farmhouses).

Wandering the streets in the old town it is easy to understand why Locorotondo is for most locals and tourists, a gemstone of the Trulli region: houses painted in white, limestone pavements, balconies adorned with red flowers, tiny courtyards, pretty gardens, baroque archways, churches in different styles... everything is set in a quiet and paradisiacal atmosphere! And if you do appreciate a good glass of wine and want to get an insight into the wine culture of the region, take the chance to visit the Cantina Sociale, a wine cooperative with its famous D.O.C. white wine and a great variety of other high quality wines.

In Lorocotondo, do not miss:
  • The Mother Church, built between 1790 and 1825 and devoted to St. George, the town’s patron saint;
  • St. Nicholas Church, built like a temple but with a trullo dome;
  • St. Maria della Greca Church, late Romanesque in style, dating from the 12th / 13th century, with a beautiful rose window.The Feast of Saint Rocco, which takes place on the 16th of August, with a breathtaking fireworks competition.