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Ostuni - the bright town with white slaked limestone.

Take your time to visit Ostuni, the bright town with white slaked limestone, standing between the green countryside and the blue sea. Perched on three hills, on the Adriatic Sea, the town owes its nickname La Città Bianca (The White Town) to its whitewashed walls and its typically white-painted architecture.

The town is surrounded by a medieval fortress wall, from which you can admire a breathtaking panorama overlooking a countryside with endless olive trees and the Adriatic sea that meets the crystal-clear sky on the horizon. The lively and picturesque old town is built on top of the hill and you're welcome to wander through a maze of narrow, winding streets, where everything is incredibly clean and everywhere is a blinding sun!

The old town is dominated by the Cathedral, a blend of Romanesque, Gothic and Venetian, standing as a crown at the very top of the hill!

In Ostuni, do not miss:
  • The Column of Sant'Oronzo in Piazza della Libertà (the main square);
  • The Town Hall and the Church of S. Francis of Assisi;
  • The portal of the Church of the Holy Spirit, which dates back to 1450, now recognised as a national monument;
  • The ancient doors and walls of the town dating back to the Aragona dominations;
  • St. James of Compostela Church (the oldest Church in Ostuni);
  • The Feast of Sant'Oronzo, the patron Saint of the town. It takes place in August from 25th to 27th. Among the many events the most striking is the 'Ride', where the statue of the Saint is escorted in a procession by a group of knights in a red costume getting on sumptuously caparisoned horses.