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Cleaning Protocols

We all have a responsibility to others when it comes to limiting the spread of COVID-19 or any type of infectious or contagious disease, that could be harmful to the health of those we encounter. Cleanliness protocols have always been important at Relax Puglia, and we take the responsibility of our guests’ and staff’s safety very seriously.

Background to COVID-19

Covid-19 is a disease which is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and can be passed via respiratory secretions ie. saliva and faeces, which can successfully live for up to 2-3 days on certain surfaces. The virus can be transferred via hands from one surface to another.

By touching a surface with COVID-19 traces then touching your face or eyes, you can become infected with COVID-19. Soaps and sanitizers are effective at breaking down the fats and proteins which protect the virus and therefore it is good practise to used soaps and sanitisers to kill the virus.
Information with regards the virus is evolving all the time and it has been shown that the virus can live on certain household surfaces:

Surface TypePresentNo longer present
Air2-3 hours 
Paper & tissues30 minutes3 hours
Copper4 hours8 hours
Wood/Cloth/Cardboard1 day2 days
Glass2 days4 days
Plastic/Stainless Steel4 days7 days

Therefore, it is imperative that these surfaces are disinfected regularly before they are safe to touch. Types of household surfaces that are touched frequently are: light switches, door handles, kitchen & bathroom surfaces.

Our Cleaning Guidelines

The following steps have been taken to minimise the risk for contracting the virus and ensuring the accommodation is safe for new guests.

  1. professional cleaning team engaged who are up to date on cleaning requirements, product usage and understand the cleaning level required.

  2. the property is aired/ventilated during the cleaning process.

  3. cleaners are required to wear the correct protective clothing.

  4. areas to clean are prepared including removing waste, dirty linens and towels into the appropriate bags, and removed from the property.

  5. clean mattress and pillow protectors are used for each change over.

  6. all glassware, crockery, utensils are put through the dishwasher at a high temperature.

  7. all surfaces washed with general cleaning products.

  8. All surfaces subsequently disinfected with the appropriate product and left untouched giving the product time to kill the virus.

  9. see attached product sheets for products used.

  10. guest keys are sterilised between changeover