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Trani - off the beaten track to a charming fishing harbour town.

If you have already visited Puglia's most attractive destinations and want to discover something new, then stop off in Trani, a charming fishing harbour town, with a picturesque cathedral by the sea and a timeless atmosphere. It is a lovely place to wander, see the sights and relax.

The churches, buildings and gardens of the old town overlook the calm, clear waters. Opposite the sea stands the looming Cathedral of San Nicola Pellegrino, which is one of the most beautiful Romanic churches in Puglia and one of the most astonishing in Italy. Don't miss a visit to the cathedral by night and enjoy the stunning show of the stones coloured by the artificial lights!

In Trani, do not miss:
  • The Cathedral, located just on the harbour, one of the best examples of a Romanesque Church in Puglia;
  • The Swabian Castle, one of the most beautiful attraction of this town. It was built in the 13th century by the Emperor Federico II, right on the sea and in front of the Cathedral;
  • The Church of S. Francesco;Scolanova Synagogue;Synagogue of S. Anna and Jewish Culture Museum;Church of Ognissanti, also known as the Knights Templar.