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Renting Responsibly

Accommodation License

All rentals listed under ‘Our Villas’, hold a license to rent accommodation. We refer to this as the CIS code, that is to say a ‘Codice Identificativo Struttura’ (CIS - Structure Identification Code). This is obligatory for all structures offering accommodation to tourists in the region of Puglia, Italy; private homes, and businesses alike, must show the CIS code on all publicity and marketing.
Proprietors are equally obliged to communicate to the Puglia DMS (Digital Management System), on a monthly basis, all statistical data of guests who occupy their homes/structures for tourist purposes; inclusive of the following information:

The information is used to track the movement of tourism in the region.

You can read more about this on dms.puglia.it

A Declaration of Presence

Within 48 hours of guests’ arrival, the owners or the host, communicate to the local police headquarters, (Polizia di Stato) the same details presented to the Puglia DMS above, but in addition the police require at least one passport number or ID number from the group or family leader on holiday.

To avoid delays or none-registration, we request our guests to send copies of their passports prior to their arrival.

If you do not provide your host with the information, you will need to personally register within 8 days of your arrival at the police headquarters.

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Tourist Tax

Tourist taxes, are a small fee payable to the municipality; a contribution towards the maintenance and financing of local amenities in the municipality in which you are staying. It also helps towards the production of brochures, tourist activities, and modernising attractions such as museums or castles.

Not all municipalities in the region of Puglia require you to pay a tourist tax – the ‘tassa di soggiorno’. This is a locally applied tax, calculated, depending on the number of nights you stay in that municipality and is paid over to the authorities by the owner or host.
This payment should be made on arrival at your destination.
You will be advised on booking if there is a local tax applicable to your accommodation choice.

A receipt will be issued.

Typically, the cost is 1€ per person per night up to a maximum of 5 nights. Children under 12 years old are not required to be pay.