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Negramaro Rock Band
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Negramaro is a rock band named after a bottle of wine and a red grape variety produced in their native district, Salento. The band was formed in 1999 in Copertino, where they started with live performances and also met the producer Caterina Caselli, who showed them how to record music.

The band has been active for 22 years. There are six (6) members of the band, including Emanuele Spedicato, aged 41 years, a guitarist; Ermanno Carlà, aged 45 years, a bassist; Danilo Tasco, aged 42 years, a drummer; Andrea "Andro. i.d." Mariano, aged 44 years, a pianist and synthesizer; Andrea "Pupillo" De Rocco, a sampler; Giuliano Sangiorgi, aged 43 years, the band vocalist, guitarist and pianist. They won the Tim Tour and became finalists at the MTV Brand New Talent in 2001.

The band has released eight studio albums and one live album recorded at the "Scala" of football, Milan FC's home stadium, San Siro, since inception. In 2003, they released their first album, Negramaro, which didn't record much success. However, in 2004, they met with Corrado Rustici, an Italian producer and worked on some of their songs. This collaboration produced a new album titled '000577', which included a new track titled 'Scusa Se Non Piango’ and remixes of three previous songs, ‘Es-Senz’, ‘Evidentemente’ and ‘Come Sempre’. These new songs were added to the tracks from the Negramaro album to create a new edition of their first album. The latest version of 'Come Sempre’ recorded more success than the previous version when released and was used as the official soundtrack of the 50th Anniversary of an Italian TV Station, RAI.

In 2005, ‘Mentre Tutto Scorre', the first single released from their second album, was eliminated at the first stage at the Sanremo Festival, where the band performed the song. However, the Italian movie, La Febbre featured eight of the band's songs as soundtracks after the festival. This feature launched the band into the limelight, and the song went on to become a success. 'Estate', their second single, had more success and gave the band their first spot at #1 in the Italian play chart. Two other singles; ‘Solo3min’ and ‘Nuvole e Lenzuola' followed suit in gaining success like the first two singles.

Their third album, ‘Mentre Tutto Scorre', produced by Corrado Rustici, was quite different from their debut album. Their sound moved from the classic alternative style to the pop-rock direction. This change in sound got them success, 6x platinum certification in Italy and a tour released on the Negramaro Live DVD in 2006. Their single ‘Nuvole e Lenzuola' is included in the Guitar Hero World Tour game.
The Negrarama Sound was not really accepted by their home folks and experienced resistance from their homeland when they started, but the band is now an act all Italians seem to enjoy. Their concerts are highly regarded as a "Tour-de-force" of mind-blowing music. Their visual effects have been rewarded with accolades, such as the MTV Music Award for Best Italian Act and Best Newcomer at Sanremo in 2005.