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What is Martina Franca like

What is Martina Franca like?

Puglia, the Italian region that forms the heel of the boot, is home to the charming town of Martina Franca. The town has all you would expect from a lovely, southern Italian paradise, plus a few added features that set it apart from other regional communities. You may discover whitewashed lanes, clothes drying in the air, cats dozing on sun-drenched sidewalks, and the talk of local families and TVs coming from the open windows of their homes in Martina Franca.

However, Martina Franca is also home to beautiful Baroque architecture (Barocco Martinese), excellent restaurants, and wine bars, making it ideal for a family holiday, a solitary excursion, or a weekend trip for a couple. Martina Franca, one of Puglia's most picturesque locations, is well-liked by tourists but retains a small-town atmosphere, mainly if you visit out of season (the high season is Easter and July-August). Martina Franca is situated in Val D'Itria, a stunning valley in Puglia well-known for its trulli and olive oil production.

In the same region, you may find renowned Polignano al Mare, less well-known but lovely Locorotondo, and legendary Alberobello with its Trulli. You may go from there to Bari, Brindisi, Taranto, and Matera, all within easy reach. Private transportation is the most convenient method; however, it is also frequently included in local excursions, and local buses can provide links to bigger cities like Bari.

When you first reach Martina Franca by car, it could seem like any other town, yet looks can be misleading! While Martina Franca is surrounded by modern suburbs, as soon as you get out of the car and walk through the city center, you'll find another, more charming and picturesque side of the city: Martina Franca's old town.

Martina Franca once had city walls, remnants of which can be seen in the main piazzas today. The city has since been divided into two central districts. The first area of the town you encounter comprises charming cobblestone alleys and lovely piazzas. The piazzas make use of the beautiful Apulian weather by hosting cafés and outdoor terraces while being surrounded by one of the unique characteristics of Martina Franca: baroque churches.

Despite its small size, Martina Franca features magnificent churches built in the style known as Barocco Martuinese (Matinese' Baroque). This architectural style features an intricate church façade made of light-colored stone and is somewhat evocative of the baroque of Val di Noto in Sicily. You may take a short trek from the city gate to the second half of town, which is whitewashed and extraordinarily different but equally lovely.

Martina Franca is one of the so-called "Citta' Bianche," or white cities, because of its neighborhood, which is distinctive of this region of Puglia (white towns). Walking about here is a treat since it gives you the chance to experience a typical Italian hamlet, complete with the aroma of cooking and the talk of the people. The Basilica of San Martino, the city's patron saint, is one of the most fantastic locations in Martina Franca to appreciate the regional Baroque style.

The Palazzo Ducale, which faces out into the lovely plaza Roma, is one of the first structures you'll come across as you approach Martina Franca's old town. Although Martina Franca has numerous beautiful piazzas, Piazza Maria Immacolata is arguably the most lovely and well-known. We say yes if you've ever thought about visiting Martina Franca.