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Umbra Forest Gargano
Photo: www.viaggiamo.it

Umbra Forest Gargano

Widely known for its awesome sea and seashores, Gargano is a beautiful region in the north of Puglia, the southern region of Italy. But, inland Gargano, not up to 20 km from the coast, is a safe green area that is an absolute fortune to unearth, the Umbra Forest.

Located in the Gargano National park, the Umbra Forest is the green lung of the park with vegetation so leafy and dense that the entire forest presumably takes its name from it.

The Gargano is a captivating location where lives a flora and a fauna that is unique in Italy, with giant centuries-old trees and conserved animal species.

Home to the largest redwood tree in Europe, the forest is a tourist attraction famous for its natural beauty. This ancient forest has been chosen as one of the most beautiful places in Italy not only because of its dense trees but also for its natural springs and streams.
Interesting Facts about the Umbra Forest Gargano.

The Gargano
This is the name of the forested mountain range that runs through the Italian region of Puglia. The forest is also known as the Umbra Forest Gargano because it is located in the Umbria region of Italy.

The Gargano and its ecosystem

The mountains of the forest are covered by a Mediterranean forest that is home to the black oak and the evergreen shrubbery. The forest ecosystem of the Gargano is also home to the rare species of Indian tulip.

Why is the forest so green?

The forest is so green mainly because of its altitude. The higher the altitude, the lower the temperature. As a result, the forest’s temperature is lower compared to the temperature of the plains and the coast.

Which are the most popular attractions in the Umbra Forest?
The forest is famous for its redwood trees. The most giant redwood tree in Europe is located in the forest. Other popular attractions in the forest are its waterfalls, caves, and grottos.

UNESCO Heritage Site

In 2017, the Umbra Forest was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the second in Gargano and one of the four in the Puglia region.

The fauna of the Umbra Forest

The entire region is the residence of countless wild animals, including badgers, wild cats, squirrels and a large number of birds that prefer to nest there every year. The woodpecker is perhaps the most regular, but there are also several species of sparrows, nightingales, owls, sparrow hawks, and other predatory birds, both diurnal and nocturnal. The Italian roe deer, a distinct subspecies of great scientific interest and native to the Gargano region, also lives in the Umbra Forest. Sighting this shy animal is often considered a sensational occurrence.

A record-breaking flora

The Umbra Forest is a region of enormous significance for its biodiversity, which comprises more than 2000 plant varieties that inhabit an area of more than 10,000 hectares.

In Italy, it is deemed the forest of records, beginning with the beech wood, which has a special trait that makes it unique in Europe. The beech is a tree that normally lives at 800 meters above sea level: the Umbra Forest surpasses this altitude, but its beech trees merrily live up to 230 meters above sea level. This is one of the justifications why the Gargano forest was incorporated into the UNESCO heritage. Also, its beech wood is one of the shortest statures on the European continent.