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What makes Puglia a great holiday destination?

What makes Puglia a great holiday destination?

The history of the region of Puglia really is like no other. A naturally beautiful region with incredible food, natural beauty, unrivalled beaches and unsurpassed food, Puglia is a huge draw for tourists.

The region is also a haven for cyclists, having a 1000km mile linked cycling network, as well as the region being one of the most beautiful walking destinations in Italy.

So what exactly brings more and more crowds to Puglia year after year? Let’s find out.


Many people come to Puglia just for the beaches. Yes, the beaches and nothing else! The private, upmarket beach resort of Salsedine Beach, with its wooden deck and fifty umbrellas, is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet, or perhaps a solo surf.

Lama Monachile in Polignano a Mare is also a trendy choice. This beach hosts the annual cliff diving world championships and is truly one of the best places in Puglia for swimming and snorkelling. The water is crystal clear and has many caves and tunnels which you can spend many hours exploring!

Another effortlessly beautiful coastline of beaches is referred to as ‘the Maldives of Salento’. The stunning coastal area around the seaside village of Pescoluse, nestled between Torre Vado and Torre Pali, is also known as the Maldive del Salento due to its deep blue waters. This is another popular choice for holidaymakers.
The Roca Grotta della Poesia (‘Cave of Poetry’) and the Beach of Purity, Gallipoli are other sparkling natural locations completely unique to this historic part of the Italian coast.


Nature is also a huge pull for holidaymakers. Puglia is home to the incredible 30,000-hectare Gargano National Park (which includes the sprawling Foresta Umbra) and the hilly Alta Murgia National Park.

In Monopoli, the coastline is blessed with stunning rock formations, including the famous Castellana Grotte, a cave which is estimated to be 90 million years old. It is hard to think of a country with more caves and beautiful rock formations than Puglia.

Tourist sites

There are so many influential tourist sites in Puglia, it’s impossible to name them all!

Tourists can take their pick from the historical monuments of the Baroque city Lecce (Puglia’s ‘Florence of the south’), with its distinctive pietra leccese (‘Lecce stone); the famous Unesco World Heritage Site Alberobello, with its trulli accommodation; Andria’s UNESCO site Castel del Monte, a 13th-century citadel built by King Frederick VII; or the doric temple of commercial port town Taranto, once dedicated to a female deity.

The region’s Bari is hugely popular with visitors due to its large amount of castles (19 in total) and inimitable cobbled alleyways. A couple of hundred miles up the unique coast are the clear seas of Italy’s unique archipelago: five tiny islands that make up the Tremiti Islands, with numerous coves and underwater caves, nearby hotels and restaurants.

Old towns

Any city worth its salt also has an old town. Luckily for Puglia and its visitors, the region has them in abundance. Bari’s Old Town, the amazing Old town of Ginosa and Ostuni’s fortified city of La Città Bianca (the white town) is some of the most popular.