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Medieval Festival Brindisi
Photo: www.senzacolonnenews.it

Medieval Festival Brindisi

The medieval festival allows us to travel back in time. A trade show with street performers costumed in period costumes and displays of arts and crafts from the towns along the Appian Way from Brindisi to Matera. Brindisi is a "living museum" with interactive exhibits, multimedia settings, and performances for "act-tourists."

The occurrence is part of a chain of events that creates an antiquated impact. There are always games from the middle Ages that will encourage children to learn about the city and its history. Playing with the middle Ages is an excellent excursion to medieval Brindisi that blends learning with a recreational element. It is available in both natural and virtual forms.

The "Giullari Senza Root" trio will immerse guests in the whimsical world of jesters by playing games and pulling practical jokes on them. Thanks to the town of knowledge and flavors' reconstruction, you can immerse yourself in the past.

Very young volunteers will guide the tourists while dressed in period attire, explaining Middle Ages customs and reminiscing about notable individuals who have made our city's history. The Digital History Library aims to introduce young people to the historical study process while bringing to life a story written by and for students.

Medieval Festivals are enjoyable. Do not be misled by the media. Not only are medieval events for bullied high school geeks. If you find the proper one, a medieval festival will seem like a college party with festival cuisine and a magic performance. In actuality, a sizable number of the fairs you'll find nowadays serve as clubs for people who are very interested in the historical facets of medieval civilization.

You must attend Brindisi medieval festival if you enjoy eating baby back ribs during the holidays or turkey legs at the county fair. You haven't lived if you haven't tried the classic mutton dish made with honey and spices. You will probably come across a large selection of homemade hard ciders and meads, given the popularity of home brewing these days (wine made from fermented honey).

Almost all medieval festivals will offer a wide variety of activities and sights. Throwing hatchets, swallowing flames, and even jousting are frequent. Typically, a group of men (and women) in full armor charge one another while brandishing long wooden lances. Even if the lances are up to safety standards and made to break without causing the riders too much harm, it is still thrilling to witness.

An authentic sense of life can be found at a Brindisi medieval festival. A few musicians are typically dispersed over the field, with canvas tents billowing in the wind and the whinny of horses playing in the background. Also nearly usually excellent is the music. Imagine a circus and beer garden at a folk music festival. Some may even have a striking collection of siege weapons on hand. I visited a fair two years ago where there was a real-life trebuchet (a kind of sophisticated catapult) that could hurl a pumpkin over 200 yards. Along with this, there are a ton of plays, comedic performances, and other entertaining places.