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Gallipoli Castle

Gallipoli Castle

Puglia is a region of Italy well known for its cultural heritage and fascinating history. One extraordinary site is Gallipoli Castle.

Historical Background Of Gallipoli Castle

The Castle is the most famous landmark in the town of Gallipoli. Called il Castello di Gallipoli in Italian, it was established as a Byzantine fortress in the 13th century. It was a major fortress used to ward off attacks from invaders.

The old town of Gallipoli where the castle is built is connected to the mainland by a bridge which was built in the 17th century. The city is said to have been established by Indomeneus of Crete. It was originally a city of Magna Graecia and it ruled over a large territory.

Architectural Design Of Gallipoli Castle

The architectural design of the castle is spectacular. The castle has baroque monuments on its rooftops, and has the designs of the Normans, Venetians, Angevines, Messapians and Aragonese in its structure. It is built is in a quadrangular shape, it has four circular towers and a stand-alone polygonal tower. It has large halls, wide archways, a large number of rooms and huge battlements. The main additions in the castle was carried out by Francesco di Giorgio Martini.

Gallipoli Castle is located in the south eastern part of Italy and is completely surrounded by the sea. The castle is also accompanied by other major features in the town. The Baroque Cathedral of Sant'Agata which was built in the 17th century, the Church of St. Francis of Paola which was built in 1621, Spiaggia la Puritate Beach which is located under the city walls, Palazzo Pirelli which was built in the 16th century and was converted to a pharmacy in the 19th century, are all located in Gallipoli.

Current Day Use Of Gallipoli Castle

In the last couple of years, Gallipoli Castle has gone through major renovations but the original structure of the castle has been left intact. The castle is a major tourist attraction in Puglia and during the summer is used as a movie theater. Art exhibitions and lots of other cultural events are also held in the halls of the castle. The castle is a major cultural location and plays an important part in the history of Italy.

Gallipoli Castle is definitely worth a visit. As well as being a historic relic of the 13th Century world, it also illustrates the culture and civilization of that period and is a major tourist destination for people visiting Puglia. It is also an important cultural centre, hosting art exhibitions and other events which give an insight into the local culture of the area.