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Al Fresco - Outside Living

Puglia; a tourist haven

Known for its picturesque hill towns, centuries-old farmland and Mediterranean coastline, Puglia is a tourist haven and one of the most famous regions in Italy.

The region boasts of an abundance of everything needed to make it a great tourist destination; ancient towns with rich histories, beautiful cathedrals designed by the best architects in Europe, olive-green seas, wines from the best vines, and foods that look too beautiful to be eaten, pleasant weather and most importantly, residents that are welcoming, outgoing, and easy-going; to top it all, an exotic ambience that is unrivalled in Italy.

Boasting about 500 miles of coastline with hundreds of attractive towns from Lecce to Otranto, Ostuni, Polignano a Mare, Martina Franca, The Valle d'Itria and many others, Puglia is one of the top holiday spots in Italy.

Puglia's rich history stems from its being a popular pathway for departing crusaders, invaders and colonisers of some significant parts of Europe. The history-rich region has been occupied at one point or the other by the Turks, Venetians, Greeks, Romans, Normans, Byzantines, and Spaniards, each leaving an indelible mark in the region to give it an exotic culture that cuts across the world.

All these and more make Puglia one of the best tourists region in Europe and a great place to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.

Weather in Puglia

The weather in Puglia is very pleasant, with the hottest period in July/August and the coldest in December/January.

Winter in Puglia is very mild, summers are generally hot and dry, and springs and autumns are very pleasant. In the winter, rainfall is always abundant and sometimes snows in the inner areas. Winter in Puglia is usually between December and February/early March.

The summer is usually sweltering, especially in July and August. The temperature in August can get as high as 36°C.

Springs and autumns are charming, with the highest temperature at 20°C. It rains during this period but not as much as in winter. The pleasant weather stretches from April to November, making it an ideal destination for many outdoor sports and recreational activities.
You can play golf, bike-riding, ride your horse, take a long walk, go hiking, enjoy a picnic in the countryside, explore the ancient cathedrals and monuments, play water sports, or enjoy a dip in the pool for a more significant portion of the year.

Experience Puglia

Time seems to move slowly in Puglia. Here the hustle and bustle of New York, London, Cairo, Sydney, and Tokyo can be forgotten while you take a leisurely walk around the beach or sit at a cafe and watch the people parade.

Want to enjoy the richness of Puglia? A villa holiday is the best way to experience the richness of this region. From the picturesque hills, whitewashed buildings, amazing cathedrals and beautiful beaches, a Puglia villa holiday is just what you need for a memorable visit. A villa holiday allows you to explore every inch of this beautiful region and end the day with a bottle of wine after a long trek.

Our holiday villas provide the opportunity to experience the rich culture of Puglia. From its love for relaxation, beautiful and boisterous festivals, sumptuous delicacies, rich wines, ancient towns and beautiful weather, our villas provide the access and flexibility to create your itinerary to enjoy these.

Al fresco dining is one of the popular cultures in Italy. Here in Puglia, we enjoy taking our foods and drinks outdoors, where we experience nature at its best. Our restaurants have outdoor dining options with special provisions for extreme heat periods and rain.

Our villas are designed to maximise the use of Puglia's beautiful weather, scenery and culture.
Most of our villas have outdoor eating and barbecue areas that encourages al fresco dining. This way, our guests meet each other, make new friends, enjoy the scenery, watch happenings in the villa, wave to friends who are passing and keep an eye on their children as they play around the eating or seating area.

The outdoor seating area is designed for maximum comfort, and adequate care is taken to ensure you enjoy the outdoor experience while protecting yourself from the harsh summer sun. The overhead and side coverings protect you from the sun and provide enough shade as the sun moves to its peak and descent.

Our villas also have outdoor pools where you can swim and lay on the lounger to soak up the sun.

At our villas, you can enjoy the perennial sunshine, relaxed beach lifestyle, outdoor dining and the best amenities.