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Adventure Park

Fun & adventures especially for the curious and those who want to put themselves to the test!


Indiana Adventure Park in Castellana Grotte

No need to be an athlete but you will need to have some level of physical fitness and be of good health to pass through the various acrobatic obstacles that will be put in your way. Equally and although you are well secured, a fear of heights is not a great advantage, in fact, if you are like me, you may get stuck up in the trees until help and encouragement comes your way.



The Tibetan bridges, climbing nets, rope formations, rolling logs, gangplanks and long cables will certainly get your emotions running high and fill you with life as you swing through the trees.


There are progressive itineraries taking you from the lows to the highs, and unless you are an expert, may well be worth starting with the basics just to get the hang of clipping on and off. I must admit, if I had had the choice, and I didn't (!!) I would have stopped at level one and saved myself the shame of getting stuck up high and having to be rescued.


However, if I had not met the challenge, I would not have experienced the exhilaration of landing on my two feet down the zip cord!

As you travel from one tree to the next, walking, moving from one structure or obstacle (depending on how you view it!) to the next, exploring your balance and poise, agility and coordination, if not with a few butterflies; you are always secure, the knowledge that whatever movement you make, you are secure as you are constantly attached to a stainless steel cable with snap-hooks, finishing with the ultimate ride along the zip-line!


Before starting the itinerary of choice, a Park coordinator goes through the ropes (pardon the pun!) with you, explaining how it all works. So all you need to do, is keep your nerve and enjoy!

Indiana Park Itineraries

Babies from 2 to 5 years old

Children from 6 to 11 years old

Older Children from 12 yrs. old and onwards

The Park is an ideal place to organise a special party with friends and family in the open air, under the shade of the tall oak trees. You could even bring along a pic-nic to share amongst everyone during or after the event.
Parties can be organised at any given time except for Easter when its exceptionally busy.

Indiana Park is open from the 15th of March through to the 8th of November 2020, every Sunday. Large parties need to book and choose a mid-week date.
Evidently clothing and footwear must be suitable for the acrobatics you are about to encounter which means long trousers, sport footwear and socks.

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