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Vegan Cooking

Relax Puglia offers the opportunity to enjoy Vegan and Vegetarian cooking during your stay in Puglia. Our Natural Food cook, Marici (Marilena Nardelli), will come to your villa to organise a Vegan cookery course that will teach the fundamentals of eating for health, happiness and vitality.

Relax Puglia Yoga Courses

You will gain an insight into the importance of eating foods that are seasonals, organic, of our climate zone, high in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and practical tips on how to modify your own diet to achieve your own personal goals. You will also be given advice on how to break the cycle of poor eating habits, make the transition to a healthier and truly satisfying approach to cooking, and above all experience the joy of cooking and enjoying the most delicious and inspired food.

Relax Puglia Yoga Courses

Our passion is to create healthy balanced meals using the wide variety of tastes and flavours of the many culinary traditions from around the world, and in particular from the millennial Mediterranean, Ayurvedic and Macrobiotic traditions.

Relax Puglia Yoga Courses

What we’ll cover:
Recipe adaptation: Learn how to substitute ingredients for healthier variations. Cooking with whole grains: discover the wonderful world of grains, how to prepare them and inspired ways to combine them with other fresh foods. Superfoods: how to enjoy superfoods, the health benefits, and ideas on how to combine them in your everyday diet.

Relax Puglia Yoga Courses

Dairy & gluten-free cooking: how to prepare the most delicious tasting foods that are free from dairy and gluten, without sacrificing on taste, flavor or pleasure. Also : How to make good dietary choices that support your health. We will offer you the practical knowledge and understanding how to make good choices.

Practical skills:
Cutting and cooking techniques, knowing the ingredients, using left overs, timing yourself in the kitchen. Preparation of grains, beans, a wide variety of vegetables, sea vegetables, soups and vegan and sugar free desserts

Relax Puglia Yoga Courses

How to put together meals that are both delicious and balanced.

Converting recipes from traditional to natural and vegan ingredients.

How to improve your own health, strenghten your intuition and make delicous, nourishing and satisfying food for body mind and spirit.

Puglia is known as the garden of Italy because of its delicious and abundant natural produce. It is also the home of Italian olive oil and glorious ancient grains. Your experience at Yoga with Taste will not only leave you feeling fresh and healthy, but you will leave with the knowledge to cook and eat for a better life.

This class is a joyfull practice that helps you to keep in good health, feel peace of mind and happiness.

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