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Zoosafari, Fasano
Photo: Zoosafari

Zoosafari, Fasano

In southern Italy's Fasano, there is an animal attraction and theme park called Zoosafari Fasanolandia. The park features walk-through animal areas, animal presentations, multiple attractions, and a drive-through safari park where guests can travel in their own vehicles. The park, which has only one male African elephant in all of Italy, opened its doors in 1973.

The park is split up into a number of distinct areas, each of which is devoted to a certain kind of animal. For instance, a range of African species, such as zebras, giraffes, and rhinoceroses, can be found in the African savannah region. Elephants, tigers, and other Asian species can be found in the Asian part, whereas monkeys, jaguars, and other South American species can be found in the South American section.

There are also tigers and Asian black bears. After the big animals have moved on, macaques can be observed having fun and climbing trees. Later on, elephants from Africa and Asia can be seen alongside giraffes, American bison, eland, Arabian oryx, donkeys, waterbucks, gnus, zebras, llamas, ostriches, emus, horses and ponies, Ankole cattle, yak, and camels. The big lake with pink flamingos, cranes, storks, ibises, and peacocks marks the conclusion of the safari reserves.

The park also provides a range of kid-friendly activities, such as pony rides, a petting zoo, and a kids' play area. On-site amenities include a café where guests may grab a bite to eat or a snack as well as a number of gift and memento shops. Zoosafari Fasano is renowned for its lovely settings in addition to its animals and activities. The park is surrounded by undulating hills and verdant landscape in the center of Puglia. While driving around the park, visitors can take in the scenic vistas, the sights and sounds of the various animals, and the natural surroundings.

How you perceive them and what you can see are:
  • Tropical Room: Several reserves can be seen on foot after leaving the reserves, the first of which is the tropical room. A sizable tank has terrapins, alligators, as well as several snakes, lizards, and tortoises. Several amphibians can be seen beside a large number of fish.
  • Pedonal Zoological Trail: A customized railway that can be used to travel throughout this reserve allows tourists to have a closer look at the animals. Among the primate species there are gorillas, chimpanzees, gibbons, and lemurs. Leopards and black panthers also call the area home. Raccoons, capybara, and African hunting dogs are occasionally spotted as well.
  • The Lake of the Large Mammals is home to numerous animals. While on land, brown bears, polar bears, hippopotamuses, and a pair of white rhinos can be observed, seals and sea lions swim in the lake.
  • Ornithological Exhibit: A variety of tropical birds, including macaws, numerous raptors, and parrots, can be seen here.
  • Penguin House: There are many penguins swimming and having fun in their pool.
  • Several bottlenose dolphins in the dolphinarium.

In conclusion, anyone traveling to the Puglia region must stop by Zoosafari Fasano. The park is ideal for families, animal enthusiasts, and anybody searching for a distinctive and memorable experience because of its broad variety of animals, interactive attractions, and lovely settings.