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Wine production in Puglia

Wine production in Puglia

Puglia has a strong tradition of producing great wines that have been appreciated by both casual drinkers and wine connoisseurs around the world. Puglia’s warm, dry climate, a sea wind that blows in from three directions, and natural vegetation that receives approximately 300 days of sunshine per year make it a perfect location for blooming vineyards.

Pugliese grapes, which contribute to approximately 17 percent of Italy’s wine production, outnumber those from any other region in the country. They are known for their wide, flavourful variety and for manufacturing more than almost any other region in Italy. Italy’s second-largest beverage region, Puglia, can be found in the country’s deep south. It has 85,125 hectares of vineyards and produces more than 6 million hectolitres of wine per year, making it the second most productive region in the country.

Wines produced in Puglia

When it comes to red wine production, a frequently planted grape species in Puglia is the Negroamaro, which would be a must-try when on vacation in the region. Its name translates as ‘black bitter,’ and it is virtually solely grown in Puglia. They are used to make many of the region’s best wines, such as Salice Salentino, which is red wine.
The region has not historically been known for producing white wines, and white wines from the region account for less than 20 percent of total output. However, they are steadily increasing in prominence.
Here are various wines produced in Puglia:
  1. Nero di Troia is a grape variety used to produce flavourful wines such as Castel del Monte Nero di Troia Riserva DOCG, which is made from the grape.
  2. Bombino Nero is a red grape that is used to make both red and rosé wines, such as the Castel del Monte Bombino Nero Rosato DOCG, which is made from the grape.
  3. Primitivo grapes are a red wine varietal that is also referred as zinfandel, and they are grown in California. In Puglia, it is the third most widely cultivated grape variety. Using Primitivo grapes produces wines that are large, crunchy, and rugged in style, with strong taste, chewy tannins, and a sweet finish on the palate. This grape variety is utilized in the production of the DOCs Primitivo di Manduria and Gioia del Colle.
  4. Even though Chardonnay is not a native Italian grape, it is cultivated in Puglia for packet delivery ratio because of the rising global market for the wine.
  5. With a neutral flavor and a high return, Bombino Bianco is an excellent white grape varietal for use in winemaking mixes.
  6. Negroamaro is located in the southern portion of the region of Puglia and is noted for its excellent quality. It is flexible to both the traditional alberello development system and to limited grape vines. A variety of soils can be used, though it favors a combination of clay and limestone.


Puglia’s wines are ideally discovered by sampling them in the region, where you will be immersed in the real Pugliese culture with a glass of wine in hand and the sun shining on your face. You may get a wide variety of wines from this region, which is considered Italy’s New World wine region, where winemakers are free to create their own laws, but neither of them is prohibitively pricey just yet.