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Puglian holidays wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the most beautiful towns across the region. Mesagne is one such place and, thanks to the great transport links across Puglia, the city of Mesagne is a wonderful option for tourists. The best way to get to Mesagne is by train. For just €2, you can jump on a train in Brindisi and arrive in the centre of Mesagne in 15 minutes.

Found in the Appian Way, Mesagne has been a vital part of Puglia for centuries, serving travelers and merchants. The historic centre of Mesagne survives today, and the rest of the town has grown into a large bustling city with a lively atmosphere. Fortunately, most of Mesagne’s main attractions are clustered in the old town, so this is a city you can explore on foot.

The first attraction you can find in Mesagne is the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, which is very near to the city’s train station. The Piazza is home to sections of the city’s historic walls, including the old city entrance, a great gate in the heart of Mesagne. Before you head through the gates and join the old town, however, it’s worth going to the Arciconfraternite dell Immacolata, a beautiful church which dates to the 16th century and features statues of the Virgin Mary.

The next attraction on your list should be the Castello Normanno Svevo de Mesagne—Mesagne’s very own castle. It’s even older than the Arciconfraternite dell Immacolata, having been constructed in the 11th century. You can take a tour of the castle’s walls and bastions before visiting the Archeological Museum, which is hosted inside the castle itself. The museum (known as the Museo del Territorio Ugo Granafei) is host to a myriad of ancient household objects, urns, and other local finds. Plus, it’s just €2 a ticket.

While Mesagne is home to several beautiful churches, the most impressive is arguably the Church of All Saints. Its façade features statues, pillars, and ornate decorations, making it a true sight to behold. Once inside, you can also explore the fine art on display and learn more about the history of this famous church. Another church, the Church of Saint Mary, is also in Mesagne and, while smaller, its façade is equally beautiful. Additionally, the church is near the permanent nativity scene in Mesagne. Known as the exhibition of Il Borgo dei resepi, it’s free to visit and is one of the things that makes Mesagne so unique.

If you’re searching for something to eat in Mesagne, we can recommend the local Pizzeria, Felicita Pizza. It’s far less touristy than the other restaurants, being tucked at the end of the main street, and you can be sure of a great meal.

You can continue your tour of the old town with a trip around the city walls and through its other gates. Try to find the Porta Nuova, a smaller, newer gate to the old town. Finally, perhaps finish your trip with a visit to the palaces of Mesagne, Palazzo Cavaliere and Palazzo Taberini. Both are exquisite, ancient buildings with stylish architecture.