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"It was perfect and Colleen & Antonella were always reachable and helpful! Thank a lot! We enjoyed it very much!"
Karen & Michael - Villa Perego (October 2021)

"We had a wonderful week in this beautiful and carefully furnished house. It was so complete and luxurious. A lovely welcome pack was waiting for us with local delicacies. The pool was great and decent sunbeds by the pool too. At night it is beautifully lit. The canopy where the dining table was located felt like we were sitting in our own luxury restaurant when we enjoyed a meal there. Beautiful greenery in the garden and we were surrounded by a large plot of land with an infinite number of olive trees. Many beautiful beaches nearby and of course beautiful towns such as Alberobello, Martinafranca and Ostuni within easy reach. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a holiday home in Puglia."
Claudia - Trullo Dipinto (August 2021)

"Trulli Olea is paradise on earth. Very beautiful set of trulli's surrounded by a superb pool and enormously beautiful garden. Everything is very well equpped with very comfortable amenities and superbly tastefully decorated. Super comfortable beds. The neighborhood is very quiet and surrounded with lots of olive trees. Colleen, the hostess, is a very nice friendly lady. She took care of us very well and was always helpful. She answered our questions very quickly. Definitely want to come back to this amazing place."
Marichelle - Trullo Olea (July 2021)
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Relax Puglia has carefully selected curated villas to rent in Puglia with swimming pools; for couples, groups, small and large families, with high-end amenities; and offers exclusive concierge services to guests choosing one of our holiday villas in Puglia.

All of our Puglia vacation rentals have 'full service included' and our guests are received by our knowledgeable local staff on arrival, provided with a Property Guide giving comprehensive details of how to use their holiday home and details of the holiday villa’s local amenities; plus a 60 + page Area Guide with suggestions and recommendations of 'Things to Do in Puglia', inclusive of local restaurants, places to visit including day trips and local activities.

In selecting one of our holiday villas to rent in Puglia 2021, we share with you the culture, the wine and culinary heritage, the traditions and customs of this magical, fascinating and unforgettable piece of land, Puglia.
Our Holiday Villas With Pool

10 Reasons WHY you should #bookdirect

  1. Greater ease of communication - from the time you begin to search for your holiday destination, through the booking procedure, during your stay, your departure and thereafter communication is direct without intermediate interference.
  2. Reliability and accuracy of property information – speaking directly to your host, you will get the 'real feel' about your chosen property and expert knowledge about the destination.
  3. The Personal Touch – reconnect with people, restoring a two-way communication with the support of digital technology.
  4. Higher level of Customer Service – the level of customer service will be much higher and personalised to your requirements.
  5. Insider Knowledge – today guests need information about local activities, restaurants, places of interest which they can only get from someone who is local.
  6. Support local businesses - directly and help the local economy. Into the second year of travel restrictions and many businesses in tourist destinations are struggling to survive. Your loyalty will be rewarded.
  7. Better rates & no booking fees - booking direct instead of choosing an OTA to book your accommodation, you can negotiate better rates.
  8. Guaranteed and Flexible – no double bookings and flexibility on check-in and out times.
  9. Exclusive Extras & Services – tap into the exclusive extras & services available as a loyal customer, making your stay more enjoyable and giving you the best guest experience.
  10. Get the best from your host – communicating directly instead of contacting the OTA for any issues will ensure your host gives you their undivided and timely attention during your stay.

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Holidays in Puglia
Each time you holiday in Puglia, it’s like the first time, as each visit surprises you with something new.
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As you begin to research your holiday in Puglia, you will also realise just how big the region is. With over 19,000 square kilometres of territory to cover, you may be wondering where to start? Or what’s more, where to base yourself and not miss out on the real experience or true spirit of Puglia. There is much to admire in Puglia although sometimes we feel as though we are being teased, just participating in a game of hunt the treasure.

Travelling and taking a holiday in Puglia will not just give you an appetite for the food but for the people and the places too.

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Puglia at a glance
Puglia or Apulia, the vastness of this sub-Mediterranean region of Italy, with 865 kms of coastline, stretches from the plains of Foggia to the furthest point of the heel of Italy, in The Salento, S. Maria di Leuca; providing many dominating and individualistic if not surprising elements; olive groves, wheat fields and vineyards interspersed with thick unpassable brush and forests of twisting pine trees; landforms dotted with dunes, roman ruins, watch towers, light houses, dolmens, menhir, and sleepy hilltop towns; and along its lengthy coastline you will find natural reserves, coral reefs, sandy beach coves, lagoons, cliffside caves and grottoes.

A holiday in Puglia is rich in places to visit and things to do but most of all its culture and history beg to be explored.

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Historic Timeline
Despite years of foreign invasions, Puglia is largely unspoiled and undiscovered. Puglia's strategic position in the south, a bridge to the Orient, made it fair game for many an invader and settler wishing to use its fertile soil for trade, as such it was conquered over and over again; firstly by the Greeks in 8th century BC, the Romans until the fall of the Roman Empire, the Germanic tribe the Ostrogoths at the beginning of the 1st century AD, the Byzantines for a long period between the 6th and 11th century, occasionally the Saracens, later by the Normans, around 1200s Frederick the II, (who we love for his legacy of castles), followed by the French and the Turks, even Austria and the Spanish have had their way with Puglia in the 18th century! And finally, in 1861 Puglia is united with Italy.

The more you see, the more you want to see; the more you know it, the more you miss it and the more you want to come back.

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Culture Complex
One of the main attractions to visitors arriving for a holiday in Puglia is that they have the sensation that time has stopped. Puglia has a distinctive repertoire of civilisations, cultures, traditions, dialects and customs. A people that continue year after year to celebrate their past bringing alive into the present the myths, legends and works of their forefathers. It is a permanent exhibition of sacred and secular stones. Each village celebrating a litany of cults and festivals.

And yet today the past lives comfortably alongside the present. Technology and industry have advanced, innovations have been introduced and integrated, maintaining but revolutionizing traditional methods, once abandoned prestigious buildings restored and adapted and with it, creativity has had a revival. A newly inspired younger generation of Pugliese, who have embraced their heritage, choose not to leave their fatherland for work in the Promise Land but to stay and bring life to the past making it their future.

Puglia has 'nearly' gone full circle.

Why Choose Puglia?
Between the Sky, the Land and the Sea

Well there is no doubt about the rich and colourful geographical formation of this hidden territory; as a first-time visitor, booking a villa rental in Puglia, the vastness of this sub-Mediterranean region of Italy; from the Terra di Bari to Salento, provides many dominating and individualistic elements of an explosively innocuous and singular tract of land...

Why Choose Relax Puglia?
Holiday in Puglia, Holiday rentals puglia, puglia vacation rentals, villa rental puglia, holiday villas puglia
How can I make the most of my holiday villa in Puglia? Why choose Relax Puglia?

Relax Puglia Limited, headquarters in Cisternino, Puglia (Apulia), has been welcoming visitors to this magical and richly colourful region of Italy and providing Puglia vacation rentals since 2010; providing travellers with an authentic and memorable experience of the local life as well as offering a showcase of holiday villas to rent in Puglia. Relax Puglia holiday villas are selected on the basis that the basic necessities, the modern comforts and the added personal touches are part and parcel of your holiday villa in Puglia. Our infinitely resourceful and friendly local team is there to ensure your holiday in Puglia 2021 is memorable, making your time away as special as possible...